Choosing an Awesome Present for Your New Stepmum

3 June 2015
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If your father is getting remarried, you suddenly have a new adult in your family. Even if you are still getting to know your stepmother it can be a great gesture to your stepmum a small gift from you as token of congratulations over the new nuptials. Here are some ideas that can work for most stepmothers.

Free - A poem, a photo

If you don't have any money at all, a poem or letter letting your stepmother knows that you appreciate how much joy she is bringing to your father's life. A print of time that you have spent together is another nice gift and can be bought for cheap at most big box stores.

$ - A charm bead, a scarf

If your stepmother has a modern charm bracelet, she might love a new charm commemorating this time in her life. A charm can be a unique and special way to adorn her bracelet.

Another low price but high impact gift can be a scarf. If you are feeling particularly artistic you could even get a plain scarf and decorate it yourself with food dyes and wax relief crayons. This can be a particularly fun option for younger children to create a lasting and useful piece of art.

$$ - Matching earrings

If you have a little more money a pair of matching earrings to the wedding rings that are being exchanged can be a nice way of welcoming her to the family. Make sure and match the type of metal and style of the wedding jewelry so that your stepmother can wear the set together. Often the jewellery store that your father bought the wedding rings from can help you find a match pair of earrings in the right style, which meets your budget.

$$$ - Custom jewellery

If money is no object, a custom piece of jewellery can be a great option to commemorate the occasion. Try and incorporate aspects that are meaningful to you like a song lyrics, star constellation, or dates of when your stepmother first met your father. While it doesn't have to be in the same exact style as your stepmother usually wears, she is more likely to wear the piece if it's in a style she is comfortable with.

No matter what gift your choose for your new stepmother, or your budget, your stepmother will be delighted that you have thought of her and given her a thoughtful present. For more gift ideas, contact resources like Matusik Jewellers.