3 thoughtful gifts for the classic man who has everything

28 September 2016
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It can be really hard to shop for  man who seems to have everything that he desires. If you are on the hunt for an impressive gift for a stylish man in your life but struggling to come up with a unique gift, then keep reading.

Vintage watches

In an era where many people are switching to digital watches, a place still remains for a distinctive and interesting watch which comes with it's own history. Vintage watches are an incredibly stylish addition to any man's wardrobe. They are often unique which is great in an era of mass market watches and often have a fun history which can form the starting point for many conversations. A truly stylish man will usually have a variety of watches which he can match to different outfits and circumstances. Vintage watches can also be a good investment as they can appreciate over time, particularly if you find at in demand model. 


Another way to add some extra character to a man's outfit is through cufflinks. Cufflinks are a way to show some personality while staying class (unlike a cartoon character tie!). A range of cufflinks is a great idea for any man who regularly wears a suit as these allow him to match the cufflink choice to the occasion. You can reference your man's favourite hobbies, fictional characters or even brands. There are a range of interesting new and vintage options available for cufflinks. 


Sunglasses should be classic and work with any outfit. Unfortunately they can be all too easy to lose or break so its' always useful to get a new pair of glasses. When you are contemplating buying a pair of sunglasses for your man be sure to think about what kinds of glasses he usually wear and his overall aesthetic to choose something he might like. Vintage glasses can be fun but are often hard to find in great condition so if your man has a classic kind of vive you can often find a new pair of sunglasses in a classic style to help him feel at his best. 

As you can see there are always useful and interesting gifts that you can buy for the man that has everything. Even useful gifts such as clothing and accessories can become a thoughtful gift when you search for the right style of item that suits your man's style and taste.