Make A Special Memory Unique With A Custom Engagement Ring

11 November 2019
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Getting engaged is one of the milestones in anyone's life, and everyone wants to make it special. Often, they put months of planning into the day to make sure everything is just right, but then they use an engagement ring that anyone can buy over the counter. While people no doubt spend a lot of money on these rings and do put some thought into the purchase, it is kind of confusing how little emphasis is put on getting a special ring when the rest of the day gets so much preparation. Luckily, custom-made engagement rings from companies like Pink Carat Jewellers are very accessible, and often at comparable prices to their mass-produced counterparts.

The Band

The band (or the part that goes on your finger) generally plays second fiddle to the actual gemstone, but that does not mean you can't make it unique. Gold is the most common metal for wedding bands, but there are varieties even within that, including rose gold and white gold. If you know your fiancee to be doesn't like gold, then try another metal like silver or platinum. The style of a band can be adjusted to what you know your partner likes. Some like a natural, wreath look while others would much prefer it to be plain. The important thing is you look over designs and have a think before committing to your custom-made engagement rings.

The Gemstone

Gemstones are the central piece and require the most thought. Obviously diamonds are the most popular stone for engagement rings, but that does not mean a diamond is the only option. Going with your partner's birthstone could be a unique way to switch it up, but not all birthstones lend themselves to this. If you know your partner has an affinity for sapphires or emeralds, then go in that direction. Also remember to not make it too overbearing; your partner will want to wear it out, and if it is too loud a piece, it will generally not get a lot of wear.

The Style

Fusing the band and the gemstone to make truly unique, custom-made engagement rings is the task for a professional jeweller. When you know what two materials you want, then you should start talking to one who offers this service and get their thoughts. They will know how to best mould together, say, a platinum band with a emerald stone. Obviously they will only provide their professional opinion and the final say still resides with you, but you should really listen to their expertise. They have worked in the industry for years (often decades), and they know what styles come and go and what looks last a lifetime.