3 Essential Tools You Need for Your Body Piercing Shop

14 August 2020
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Deciding to open a piercing shop is a significant step in your career as a professional piercer. However, you need to start your business on a good note by following the right protocols and stocking the ideal supplies. That way, you will always be on the right side of the law and will be able to provide reliable services to your customers.

Working with trusted body piercing jewellery suppliers will ensure you get everything you need for your shop. Here are some essentials you require when operating a piercing business.

1. Piercing Needles

You require quality needles for the actual piercing tasks. As you shop for the needles, select those with tri-bevel edges. The design of these needles helps them comfortably pierce through the body, minimising bleeding and pain.

Another aspect to consider is the gauge of the needles. For instance, you need 14- or 16-gauge piercing needles to handle most nose, nipple, and tongue tasks. The 18-gauge ones are ideal for ear lobe and eyebrow piercings. Ensure you start with high-quality needles when setting up shop to ensure your clients don't experience too much pain. The less your clients hurt, the more they will keep coming back.

2. Forceps for a Steady Hold

It is crucial to maintain a steady hold of the jewellery and the body during the piercing process. Hemostat forceps will help you hold the jewellery steadily and securely. Remember that you will use this device almost all the time. Therefore, you need a tool that you can easily and comfortably use.

Septum and forester forceps tools help in holding the body before and during the piercing. These innovative tools are crucial as they get into contact with your customers' skin. You should, therefore, buy the best ones for use in your business.

3. Autoclave for Sterilisation

An autoclave is another crucial piece of equipment you need in your body piercing business. Body piercings are like small surgeries since you will be passing the needles and making a hole in the body. These piercings have a high risk of infection if you don't follow the right procedure.

Therefore, you have to sterilise every tool you plan to use on your customers to kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi and prevent infections. Though these devices may be expensive, they will give you peace of mind.

Body piercings offer a unique way for different people to express their sense of style. If you have a piercing shop, you should invest in essential devices and jewellery for you to attract and retain the target clients. So, choose the right body piercing jewellery suppliers who will help you take your business to the next level.

To learn more about body piercing tools, contact a body piercing jewellery supplier today.