3 Essential Tools You Need for Your Body Piercing Shop

14 August 2020
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Deciding to open a piercing shop is a significant step in your career as a professional piercer. However, you need to start your business on a good note by following the right protocols and stocking the ideal supplies. That way, you will always be on the right side of the law and will be able to provide reliable services to your customers. Working with trusted body piercing jewellery suppliers will ensure you get everything you need for your shop. Read More 

Make A Special Memory Unique With A Custom Engagement Ring

11 November 2019
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Getting engaged is one of the milestones in anyone's life, and everyone wants to make it special. Often, they put months of planning into the day to make sure everything is just right, but then they use an engagement ring that anyone can buy over the counter. While people no doubt spend a lot of money on these rings and do put some thought into the purchase, it is kind of confusing how little emphasis is put on getting a special ring when the rest of the day gets so much preparation. Read More 

Three Central Tips for Building the Perfect Body Piercing Kit

23 February 2019
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If you are planning on beginning a body piercing practice, you must acquire the right supplies for the operation. In general, body piercing is a popular cosmetic practice, and there are numerous people interested in trying out something new. However, if you fail to provide the best level of service with ideal tools to customers, you might compromise the cosmetic results and even cause harm. Therefore, you should plan on creating suitable complete body piercing kits by purchasing the right supplies. Read More 

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About Fine Jewellery Repair

5 April 2017
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Fine jewellery, meaning pieces made with gemstones and expensive metals and not cheap jewellery you might buy at a mass market retailer, is often meant to last for many years and even decades before it needs repair. However, once that piece does need some attention, you want to ensure you find a jeweller you can trust for this work. Note a few commonly asked questions about repairing or cleaning your pieces, so you know the work will be done right and your piece will be in good shape for many more years to come. Read More 

3 thoughtful gifts for the classic man who has everything

28 September 2016
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It can be really hard to shop for  man who seems to have everything that he desires. If you are on the hunt for an impressive gift for a stylish man in your life but struggling to come up with a unique gift, then keep reading. Vintage watches In an era where many people are switching to digital watches, a place still remains for a distinctive and interesting watch which comes with it's own history. Read More